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You have an idea or a project in progress? We will help you make it a reality! Or help you shutting it down; sometimes a project doesn't have the potential originally thought, or there is simply a better project to start. Either way, we will help you save money by identifying the risks and evaluate the potential. And when your project is a go, we will deliver you a complete service while working with you and your suppliers; a lot of project are not as succesful as they could be simply because the suppliers where not involved. We know the value of having them on the team and in every project we do, we make sure the product will be done properly. To acheive this we will make a project brief to make sure everything expected is writen down, this will also serve as work contract.
You may have the starting idea, but together, we will bring you a whole new set of possibility with tools such as brainstorming, reverse engineering and research in other field of applications. Most projects original idea is not the final one being produced, simply because it was a starting point to something a lot bigger and more interesting than previously thought! Come and pick our brains, we like to challenge the status quo!
To figure out which ideas are the best, we will make at least 3 concepts exploiting the different ideas and together we will evaluate the different concepts through the project brief. We will then choose either one concept or mixed parts of each and make a final concept which will be re-evaluated. After a final revision if needed, we will start the technical phase of the project.
In this phase, we work closely with your production team and suppliers to make sure everything will work, and a lot of the time they come up with really simple and good way to do the same thing. We love those people! We will work on the 3d modeling part when needed and make production plans.
Because everyone wants to sell their products before they are finished, and because that prototype is really beaten up, we can make photo realistic rendering of your products to use in publicity and internally to explain and sell your new products. This can also be used to make final decisions on the finish of the products, be it paint, material color or stickers. You will have images etre3mely close to the final products to make your decisions.

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Designer and founder
Alexandre Bellerose

Alexandre Bellerose

Graduated from the industrial design program at University of Montreal and of Cegep de St-Foy, He worked for different companies and started ALX-ID in 2009

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The experts

The experts

Every project is different, and every projects need other points of vue. So when needed, we bring in previous and new collaborators that can bring success to your projects.



Seriously, we will work with you, not just for you!

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